Upcoming Events

SWPPA’s work has included the hosting of multiple, local educational events and the production of an Aging Advocacy Handbook which includes information on Pennsylvania administrative and legislative representatives. (read more)


Members of SWPPA receive a bimonthly newsletter, Agelines, containing items of interest about aging and long-term care, updates on aging at the regional, state and federal levels, and upcoming conferences and educational opportunities. (read more)

The SWPPA Mission

  • Education

    Provide quality educational seminars, conferences and forums on issues relevant to aging-related professionals. These events draw local, state and national speakers to share their expertise, and provide SWPPA members and the at-large community with an excellent opportunity to learn and engage with thought-leaders in the field.
  • Advocacy

    Advocate for “age friendly” communities that are committed to improving both the physical and social environments that surrounds older adults; facilitate independence and neighborhood cohesion; and are friendly for all ages. Our policy work promotes healthy aging for older adults.
  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with local, regional, state and national organizations to promote issues related to helping older adults. We provide a neutral forum for networking, collaboration, discussion and advocacy, and act as a catalyst for change, improving the aging program delivery system, improving quality of life for older adults by fostering independence and control over life situations for as long as possible, and positively influencing aging public policy.
Featured Video

What will it mean for us all to grow up, live and age in a society where half the citizens are over the age of 50? Never in human history has this been our reality. Click here to view a video from The Aging America Project, part of a PBS documentary and online education initiative.

Aging in America clip2


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